Day 20 – “Forgiveness” #SteeleThankful Challenge (30 Days of Thanks)

Day 20 – “Forgiveness” #SteeleThankful Challenge (30 Days of Thanks)

I will admit. I attempted to type this post over five times. I kept thinking okay how do I want to tackle this one.

Do you know about the what ifs? You know the what ifs?
On this episode of the “what ifs” I’m not talking about what if I would’ve done more. It’s about what if I decided to forgive myself for my past. Think about it. What if in this present moment you just chose to forgive.

I reflect on one moment in particular. I was so upset with one person that I disappeared. I left the state! I went back to a place I called home. The best six weeks of my life. I mended a friendship and spent some unforgettable moments with family and friends. How could I be mad? I chose to forgive him. I didn’t know the purpose then but I definitely know it now and I’m grateful. Whew chile, so thankful. I had to realize when something isn’t for you, It’s not for you. That goes for a relationship and a job.

What about that grudge you’ve been holding on to since high school. Yes, high school. I know people that are still holding on to grudges from years ago. Let…It…Go! Do you realize the power in forgiveness? I do now.

God wants us to forgive. Just think about the ounce of power we would possess if we just forgive. Try it. I’ll go first.

Today, I choose to forgive myself for my past. I realize I can not go back and change previous events. I can only choose to learn from them and move on. Those choices have shaped my character, and made me stronger.

Oh and I must say forgiveness looks good on me too. **smirks**

What are you #SteeleThankful for?

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