Archives 101: I…Hoard

Archives 101: I…Hoard

If you have been hanging around the site and my social media accounts for the last week I have been talking about unpacking my journey with grief.  No, it’s not Tuesday, but I spent my #GriefTalkTuesday talking with others about grief, and continuing to go through my dad’s stuff that was in storage.

Okay so I realized something.  Well, I honestly saw the pattern years ago but I finally owned it this week.  I hoard.  I hoard PAPERS!  I love words on paper, on a screen, but especially on paper.  Words strategically placed can tell a story, a very POWERFUL story.  You get those words together with dates, and you can build a timeline.  That’s exactly what I’ve been doing all week.  Piecing together a timeline to show my family’s history.

So, I get it honestly.  My dad kept EVERYTHING!  Organized for his easy access.  I think, anyways.  In one box there were childhood photos, old bills, the purchase agreement for his truck, instruction manuals, and land deeds.  I’ll explain the land deeds later, because it requires its own post!

I always knew that my grandfather was a visionary, but the more I unpack my dad’s “archives” I realize how much of a leader my grandfather truly was.  Your leadership skills are proven when you are absent, and your team is still great!

I found this gem (featured photo).  I knew that my dad always tried to plan ahead.  Well, he clearly got that from my grandparents, especially my grandfather.  If you’ve been rockin’ with me for a minute you would know how I feel about life insurance.  It’s important.  Scratch that, it’s VERY IMPORTANT.  This policy is proof that my grandfather was always thinking about the future.  Twenty cents a week to insure your child!  Imagine insuring over five at that time.  It was worth it, I’m sure!

Maybe I need to retire the word “hoard.”  I need to focus on what does my personal archives say about myself and my legacy.  What story will be told after I’m gone?  I understand that life is truly the hyphen punctuation (you know life is the dash) in every journey.  I decided a couple of years to focus more on the future, but taking it one day at a time.  As we are working towards closing out 2015, let’s plan to do more for ourselves, and our legacies.  Create, Protect, and Preserve!

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