Breaking Curses: Jumpin’ Like Jordan!

Breaking Curses: Jumpin’ Like Jordan!

Curses are real.  One bad decision has the potential to haunt you for years!  One decision that was made in 2004 nearly ruined my life.

I was an undergraduate student, and I thought I was living the life.  I had my own apartment, car, and to some it appeared as if I wanted for nothing.  That was not the case.  I was secretly racking up personal student loan debt because I was too ashamed to say that I was in over my head.  Wait, let me be honest, I wasn’t budgeting properly.

I was constantly reminded of bad decisions from college via my credit report. I had over 700+ credit score in 2008 but when these loans were charged off my score plummeted. I was in grad school, working a full time job making less than 30k, and I felt defeated.

My message to you all is to hang in there cause it truly gets better!  If I can bounce back from the seven year cloud that was over my head, so can you!  As of today, the accounts have been resolved and removed.  I’m on the road to my credit score increase, and financial stability.  This is the second year that I’ve participated in the Live Richer  Challenge with the Budgetnista (Tiffany Aliche) and I must say it works.  It challenges you to make better decisions with your finances, and I’m utilizing my accountability partner.  She’s closing on a house, and I’m just trying to live richer this year!

Don’t let any curses have control over your life.  Grab an accountability partner, stay focused, and pray for guidance everyday because it can be done!


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