Blow Out EVERY Candle! A Letter to R.J. from Ronnika…

Blow Out EVERY Candle! A Letter to R.J. from Ronnika…

I woke up for my 5:30 AM workout with a new mindset.  How bad do I want to be the best ME this year?  I’ve never wanted it so bad.  Getting my finances, health, and spirit in order, and celebrating my birthday!  Yes! O-o-o-ah-ah-ah, Turn up! Lol.  I honestly chose to chill today, reflect on how far God has brought me, and continues to keep me.  So, I decided to write this letter to myself.

Dear R.J.,

It’s the year of 32.  Girl, you look great!  Skin is glowing, and you are finally walking in your purpose.  I know that before you lost your way.  You continued to blame yourself for past mistakes, but girl all is forgiven.  Seriously, it’s apart of growing up.  We make decisions that shape our story, and sometimes we make bad decisions.  I don’t want you to focus on anything negative anymore!  Do you hear me?  Your past is your past.  Girl, let it go.  You had to go through those things in order to be stronger.

Remember when you moved to North Carolina with $100 to your name because you really wanted to go to grad school?  Girl, God was right there, steering the boat, and you were sitting right behind him with your mustard seed in your pocket.

Some of the best advice you received that year was the reminder from your dad that kept you out of a physical altercation at work.  “Never let em see you sweat!”  I look at your TimeHops and I see how much you’ve grown.  You’re not the queen of verbal “clapbacks” anymore, you know how to resolve a situation as an adult, and choose not to respond to ignorance, but instead you educate.

Oh yes, the photo of you blowing out your birthday candle.  That was the last birthday before your accident, right?  That could have easily been your last birthday.  But God.  Eh, makes me want to shout!  Chile, that accident is the reason why you and your dad were able to experience the miracles, signs, and wonders of our mighty God.  God’s grace.  That accident made you stronger, and turned you into a beautiful butterfly.

Don’t dwell on bad decisions in finances, business or relationships.  You are a rockstar because of it.  I want you to realize that without those events you wouldn’t be able to share inspiring stories, or see your growth.  It’s your year of restoration.  Walk in it!

I’m proud of you.  Do you know where you were last year?  Girl, you were going through it.  You were so unhappy.  Your unhappiness made you focus more on your gifts though.  You began writing more, you were working with your illustrator, filming behind the scenes for the Final 48 Project, and almost landed an appearance on the Wendy Williams show.  I know, I know, they ran out of time, but next time girl you will be a guest on her show, and many more.  You just watch, it’s coming.  Don’t forget to have your people, call my people so we can do lunch.

I’m so excited about this year.  I see you evolving into the woman that God wants you to be.  I want you to eliminate any fear or doubt that you’re not where you’re supposed to be.  I know that your nomad spirit is dormant, but it’s because God is teaching you things that you will need for the future.  Continue to trust Him, and spend more time with Him.  Keep positive individuals around you that will encourage and check you when needed.  You’ve been blessed with such an amazing support system, so don’t forget to share your love with them this year.  They need it as much as you do.

Don’t be afraid to leap and continue on your quest of #SteeleThankful You will connect to the right dots soon enough.





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