Day 1: Freedom – #SteeleThankful Challenge

Day 1: Freedom – #SteeleThankful Challenge

I enjoy my freedom. The freedom to go and come as I please. It’s truly something that I cherish above a lot of things. What happens when your freedom is threatened?

I allowed my mind to be attached to things because those things represented someone that was no longer around. This storage space was occupied for over 3 years with items that belonged to my father, and quite frankly it was hard to let go. 

Not anymore. Holding on to the items wasn’t going to bring him back, and was the key to my freedom. This chapter of my life is now complete. So, on this day, I announce to the world that the shackles of unpacking my grief have been broken. 


What are you #SteeleThankful for?

Steele Thankful 2016

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