Day 27: Purpose #SteeleThankful Challenge

Day 27: Purpose #SteeleThankful Challenge

Current Time: 3:57 AM EST

Your purpose keeps you awake at night.

Your purpose requires sacrifice.

Your purpose is not about money.

Your purpose is larger than you.

Your purpose is your gift to the world.

The Final 48 Project documentary and photography campaign has completely changed my life.  I documented the most stories this year.  The support and willingness to share the stories of African Americans dealing with grief is something I never saw myself doing.  It has absolutely changed my life, and the life of those around me.

The documentary has evolved in a way that continues to bring awareness to the dynamic of the black family, and its affect on the world as a whole.

My purpose.  Lord knows I’ve tried to run from it.  I can write, publish, and even travel my life away, but I know that this project is apart of the bigger purpose for my life.

I’m #SteeleThankful for the sweet voice of my purpose in the midnight hour reminding me to keep going.  The world is waiting on my gift!

What are you #SteeleThankful for?

Steele Thankful 2016

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