Trust Your Gut…Act Quickly!

Trust Your Gut…Act Quickly!

It has been one crazy week.  I don’t even know where to begin.

I can sum it up like this.

The importance of trusting your gut.

I took the feature photo hours before catching an early morning flight to Houston, Texas.  Even though I paid close to nothing for the ticket, I wanted to cancel the trip.  I felt the timing was wrong, and found many reasons why I shouldn’t go.  Not to mention my friend informed me that the forecast was RAIN the entire time I would be there.  I was discouraged, and really had no reason to be.


  1. Received a travel voucher for volunteering to stay over for the next flight. (Act Quickly)
  2. Discount on a rental car and airline ticket refund (Trust Your Gut)
  3. Connecting two of your closest friends (Trust Your Gut)

    Southwest meets Southeast
    Southwest meets Southeast
  4. Posting my vision board in a networking group of over 25,000 and receiving feedback from 100s. (Act Quickly)

I recently started the Steve Harvey 21 Day Jump Challenge and it’s all about acting NOW.  What can we do to draw closer to our gifts and purpose? I know that this trip was necessary, not only for myself but for the impact that my friends and I will have on this world.

If I wouldn’t have taken that JUMP and headed to Houston last week I would have been keeping someone from jumping to their next level.  You know the world is waiting on your gift right?!  Someone’s blessing could be attached to you moving forward too.  I truly believe that after all that I witnessed within the last week.

I know that it’s scary, and sometimes we don’t understand God’s plan, but He truly knows what’s best for us.

Don’t be afraid.  I’m learning to trust my gut more, and to act quickly.

Houston...After Dusk
Houston…After Dusk

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