Setbacks…Comebacks…What do they mean to a 30 something year old?

Setbacks…Comebacks…What do they mean to a 30 something year old?

My mom gave me this book called, “It’s Time For Your Comeback…” by Tim Storey the last year of my 20s.  I was re-enrolling in Grad School after dealing with LIFE (burn accident, surgeries, father’s death).  Let’s just say a sistah was going through some thangs.

This book allowed me to not let my past define where I was going for the future, and necessary steps to keep pushing forward.  After finishing the book I thought to myself man my 30s should be a breeze, right?


  1. I completed grad school at 30, and landed my dream job in Dallas, Texas. (Comeback, Move Forward 2 steps)
  2. Wrote a children’s book while working over 40 hours a week (Comeback, Move Forward 10 steps)
  3. Laid Off from Job (Setback, Move Back 15 steps)
  4. Try Entrepreneurship (Comeback, Move Forward 3 steps)
  5. Revenue from Entrepreneurship (Setback, Move Back 10 steps)
  6. Return to Workforce to pay off debt accrued during the no guidance period of Entrepreneurship (Comeback, Move Forward 5 steps)
  7. Complete classes through Duke, and invest in professional growth (Comeback, 2 steps)

So, let’s just say I’m still crawling out of the Setback stage.

Seven is also my go to number this year; 7 = completion. (Get it, August 7, 7 bullet points, 2017 🙂


I was quite bummed last week when I had to cancel a trip at the last minute.  My sister reassured me that everything would be okay, and that we still had a conference to attend on Saturday, “Act Like a Success Experience” with Doreen Rainey, Patrice Washington, and Paul Carrick Brunson.

My sister and I arrived early and sat in the front row to soak in all of the goodness that these dynamic speakers had to offer.  Their stories of setbacks, comebacks, and planting seeds.

I sat in the front row thinking that my introvert ways keeps me from moving to the next level at times.  You know the feeling of hearing, “No Thanks” can crush a person.  How would I get to a “Yes” if I stopped trying.  During the break I texted one of my closest friends to ask her about time working with Patrice and what question should I ask her during the Q/A session.

Sadly, I couldn’t think of one. :-/  Everything that I wanted to know was answered during the sessions, and quite frankly there was no answer they could give me to deal with self.  I knew my problem and how to correct it.

So, the conference concludes, I walk in the lobby to stand in the line to take a picture with Patrice.  Again, I didn’t have a question, instead I had something to give her.

During her session she touched on the topic of grief.  I decided to share with her the project I’m currently working on, and gave her two wristbands.

I promised to stay in contact to keep her updated on everything that is Final 48 Project.

My sister and I left empowered and learned so much about ourselves.  We met some amazing people that I know we will have a bond with forever because of this one experience.

Setbacks must happen in order for you to appreciate the COMEBACK.  Traveling the journey of being a 30 something success story is challenging, but I have to remember to be committed to the vision and not attached to the way I get there. (Favorite quote from the conference).

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