About R.J. – the girl behind the lens…

About R.J. – the girl behind the lens…

Born and Raised in a small town on the shores of Lake Michigan, R.J. fell in love with History and Photography at an early age. R.J.’s passion for research and adventure stems from her loving grandparents that helped raise her in addition to her parents.  R.J. would spend her time looking through old photographs and documents at her grandparents house.  Once she became an adult she found a way to merge the two worlds together.  Her love of History would lead her to becoming an Archivist, and Photography would land her in the Documentary Studies program at Duke University.  Multiple life changing events has shaped her quirky world, and is now prepared to share it with the masses.

Steele Lens derives from her paternal grandmother’s lineage (Steele – Family History) and Photography/Videography (Lens – Still Photo/Shot).  Steele Lens strives to provide world class mass media content, educational tools, and publishing.

The first installment of the Children’s Book Series, Adventures of Alleykats – The Missing President, is now available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  Current projects include a docuseries/photography campaign entitled, “Final 48 Project.”  The project will follow the journey of coping with grief.  Steele Lens has recently partnered with “Savvy Sessions” to provide educational tools for elementary students.

The true motivation for launching Steele Lens is R.J.’s father.  R.J. promised her father 3 things before he passed away after a battle with cancer, that she would finish graduate school with high honors, pursue her love of documentary studies, and publish a children’s book series. Well, you are now apart of this journey and will witness the unpacking of not only her journey but so many others as well.

Welcome to the world of Steele Lens!

Where R.J. #FaveArchivist enforces the good vibes, and continues to live by the hashtag #SteeleThankful