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What happens when you find your own “Yellow Brick Road?”

What happens when you find your own “Yellow Brick Road?”

I decided to take the advice of an old friend and clean up the photos folder on both my phone and computer.

Let’s just say that was exhausting, but I ran across the featured photo.

A picture that I took about 6 years ago while visiting Richmond, Virginia.  It was before I began my first year as an intern, and I was taking in historic sites during a weekend getaway.

This picture reminded me of no matter how beautiful we think the path is, there will be a level of uncertainty along the way.

Even though the view at Maymont was absolutely immaculate, I had to reflect on the road that it took me to get there.

Seven months prior to visiting I was in a hospital bed attempting to process a grease burn accident that could have ultimately ended my life.  The road to recovery wasn’t easy, but in order to get back to my old self it was going to take some hard work.

Road blocks can pop up at any time on your journey.  That particular road block came in during my second semester of graduate school.  There were plenty of do overs, but trust me I needed the extra time to get myself together; mentally and physically.

In my own journey I’ve experienced loss of money, resources, and loved ones, but I’ve gained an awareness of self, strength, and a degree.

The road leading to what you truly want is never easy.  The main thing is that you continue on the path to achieve what you want out of this life.  You know the easiest thing to do?


I’m not here for that option though, and you shouldn’t be either.

I spent most of last year preparing for when those moments get shaky, or uncertain, cause trust me those moments will come.  That’s when you tap into the strength, and resources that God has blessed you with to keep chugging along.

We may have setbacks, road blocks, and detours but we can all learn a thing or two from, “The Wiz, or Wizard of Oz.”  It ain’t EASY, but man it is worth it.

We all must seek our own yellow brick road.  No matter how hard it gets you have to keep going.

Here’s to something beautiful at the end of our own yellow brick road!



I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T…I’m STEELE learning what that truly means!

I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T…I’m STEELE learning what that truly means!

Happy Independence Day. July 4, 1776, the exact day we declared independence by the Continental Congress. The present thirteen colonies declared themselves a new nation. 240 years later. Where are we? #HistoricalFact

Now, back to the subject at hand. The word for today is “independence.” I know you’re probably thinking, “you so smart, R.J. 🙄.” No, seriously I want to talk about being independent. The moment I realized I had to be independent, and what that meant.

It took me awhile to be comfortable with saying, “I was laid off from my previous position.” I would then receive the following questions.

What are you going to do now? Looking for another job?

My answer would be, “I’m going to do ME.” Whatever that means right? I said it, and was crazy enough to believe it.

Doing me! Living an independent lifestyle where I made my own rules and path. I was forced into doing something I’d never done before. Was I ready?

It didn’t matter if I was ready. It was happening. I would still apply for jobs, and it was as if God was saying, “Do you want this lifestyle or not?” I want it. I want it! I’ve joked before about being a loner and rebel. A lifestyle change though, turning my world upside down. 🙃

Our annual family picnic was yesterday, and I was sitting down with my great uncle. He asked what I was doing now, and I told him about being laid off. His response was, “if you work for yourself, you can’t be laid off. You can’t lay yourself off. Right?!”

He was absolutely right.

You know, sometimes we need those reminders along the way. I definitely need those little reminders along this entrepreneurial journey that says, “Keep going R.J.” I have to keep putting myself out there, and believing that God will continue to make a way for me!

I want it. I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-C-E