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Sorry…Not Sorry

Sorry…Not Sorry

When is the appropriate time to “disconnect” from your social media, and take a break?

Well, after the last week I’ve had the time has come for me to take care of self, and shut off all communication with social media.

I’m not able to put into words my level of exhaustion.  What I do know is that I need to take some time off.  At times I can over exert myself with my 9-5, and the other projects that I have going on.

I can remember when I resided in North Carolina, I would recharge by visiting my hometown (Michigan).

I plan to spend four days relaxing, and reconnecting with my purpose.

I’ll be back next week to share new revelations, and what activities I participated in during my days of disconnect.

Until then, check out this article on Bustle that features yours truly! <3

I’m dedicated to the #NoBlueMondays movement, so it is necessary that I take some time away from it all.




Disconnect: Communication Breakdown, What now?!

Disconnect: Communication Breakdown, What now?!

Communication is important right?

The bridge you are currently looking at is the bridge that connects my hometown (Benton Harbor) to the neighboring town of St. Joseph both cities in Michigan.

Benton Harbor, MI
Benton Harbor, MI

I can remember being a little girl and being excited when the light would turn red, which symbolized all traffic must stop in order for the bridge to rise. Why was the bridge rising?

The view from the car all you could see is one side of the bridge. It wasn’t until the bridge was back to its original position that you were able to view the sailboat that needed to pass from one side of the bridge to the other. Sometimes the boat was big but often times the boat was small with a huge sail pole. Either way it goes, the bridge has to go up to let it pass.

Now, that I’m in my 30s I can admit that this occurrence still fascinates me. I also thought what if there was a communication breakdown and the bridge did not raise by the time the sailboat made it to the bridge. What happens then?

Will the boat turn around and try another way?

I found myself in the scenario of the sailboat that was not communicating with the operator of the bridge. Last week it felt as though I was arriving to the bridge but no entry. “Are my lights on, is the horn working, what’s going on?” Well, not literally but that’s how I was feeling. Everything I was trying was not bringing forth results, or it was leading me down a dead end.

Maybe this isn’t the path I’m supposed to take? Should I give up? I thought I was living my life on purpose.

When it comes to living this life on purpose there will be moments when you feel like the little sailboat that is denied entry. What should you do?

Keep trying until you do.

I received an email from an amazing Queen named Chakayla Taylor and I felt as though she knew exactly what I was going through. Anything is possible with God. I mean anything. When I feel no one is watching, oh best believe someone is. You must stay consistent, and pressing forward.

Don’t worry about the likes, shares, or follows. Continue to provide your audience with beneficial content to make their world a little bit better. I’m believing for great things to come for Steele Lens, Adventures of Alleykats, and Final 48 Project. I can’t give up now. This little sailboat that’s carrying “the girl behind the lens,” has a date to make it to the other side of the bridge.

Don’t CLOSE the Blinds, there’s a war outside…

Don’t CLOSE the Blinds, there’s a war outside…

People are hurting. I’m seeing it more and more everyday. Honestly don’t know why, maybe they feel unfulfilled. Not living in their purpose? Something just ain’t right.

I spent my undergrad years at Western Michigan University. I have some truly fond memories of a place I called home; Kalamazoo.

2006, My best friend/pusha at Waldo's on Western Michigan's campus.  The best mixed grilled wings!
2006, My best friend/pusha at Waldo’s on Western Michigan’s campus. The best wings!

When I heard about someone randomly shooting people on Saturday night in Kalamazoo, I thought it was a nightmare. Or, maybe a story on one of those fake gossip sites that reports false stories. It was indeed true. The victims went from enjoying dinner at Cracker Barrel or being at a car lot to being gunned down in an act of senseless violence.

I will say it again, the people are HURTING! There’s a war going on outside of my front door. What can we do? Pray? Prayer without work is dead! Prayer changes a lot but I’m sure God wants us to put some action behind those prayers. Ya think?

We aren’t doing what God designed us to do. You see I said “we” right? I know I’m not the only person. We are scared of the unknown, and that fear can lead to some unfortunate circumstances. Where did our mustard seed go?

What transpired on Saturday has reminded me that we have to get about our business. I know that I’ve been called to work with my people in such a way that it continues to blow my mind DAILY. YES, DAILY! Instead of being afraid to face the war that is going on outside, I need to reassure myself that I have a hedge of protection around me in order to carry out the plan. God’s plan.

What can you do today in order to live in your purpose? It’s time to put some action behind our words. The people are hurting, the people are lost, and they aren’t always coming to church when they’re broken. They’re outside the double doors. How can we change someone’s life today? There’s a war going on outside. What are you gonna do about it?