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The moment you visualize all your dreams coming true…

The moment you visualize all your dreams coming true…

Within the last two months I’ve visited about five theaters across the country.  Scoping out places to screen the documentary that I’m working on and envisioning people in the seats.

When I stood on stage at the Colony Theater in Miami, Florida during the American Black Film Festival this year I saw myself on that stage.  I looked to my right and saw a fellow staff member (main photo) in deep thought.  I didn’t disturb her because I was in the same mode.  In my mind I had arrived.  I was at the door, all I had to do was knock.

I stepped back after taking the picture and thought about this poem that my mom gave me when I was in high school, “Who’s In Your Front Row?”

There will be people that won’t understand your dream.

There will be people that won’t support you.

There will be people that say it can’t happen.

You know what.  That’s okay.

How much do you believe in the vision that God has given you?

Every night I’m dedicated to finishing the logline, and finalizing a traveling schedule for filming the rest of the documentary.  Allowing myself realistic timelines to not overdo it.  I know that this documentary project will be amazing, and I’m excited that you are able to take this journey along with me.  If you aren’t updated with the project or totally lost about it.  Here’s the website —> Final 48 Project

We are currently accepting donations to keep the ball rolling, and looking to launch a crowdfunding page as our way to keep you involved in the process too.  To make a donation to the project please click here —-> Final 48 Project Donations!

What vision has God given you that you are afraid of the outcome?  Embrace it! We can take this ride together.




True Love ain’t never paid my bills…until I found the meaning of TRUE LOVE <3

True Love ain’t never paid my bills…until I found the meaning of TRUE LOVE <3

True Love.

What is that?  What does it feel like?

A new pair of shoes? A budding romance? Waking up with purpose every morning?

I’ve fallen in love with people, and I’ve fallen in love with items.  Nothing compares to falling in love with what God has placed you on this earth to do.

I mean, sometimes I’m not able to put it into words.  It’s a magical feeling that I’ve never experienced before.  I can remember going through heartbreak after heartbreak as I was on the path of discovery.  Those trials truly helped to make my heart whole again.  All of the pieces of a heartbreak(s) can truly form a new heart <3

I’ve heard numerous people say that if you trust the process, activate your gifts, live in your purpose, then the money will come.  I’m not saying sit back, and the money will flow right in, because work is necessary.  Instead I’m saying that it happens.  God will give you ideas, people to bless you at the right time with their resources, and you will flourish.

“The timing isn’t right.”  Honestly when will it be right.

I was watching a clip featuring Ms. Marla Gibbs (The Jeffersons, 227, and the list goes on) and she discussed what made her chase the dream of show biz.  She was married with children, and knew that if she stayed married to her husband that she wouldn’t be where she is today.  He didn’t fit into her future, and sure some people probably thought it was crazy.  Chile her career has spanned over 40 years.  **flips hair**

I’m here to say this…


You read that correctly.  You have to separate from some things, or focusing on yourself in order for things to happen.  Now, it’s no secret, I haven’t been sleeping well for weeks. My mind races all through the night.  There’s something I’m sitting on that needs to be birthed, and I’ve been trying to do this thing all by myself.

I accepted this assignment.  I’m going to continue to trust this process.  The person that truly loves me, died for me, continues to provide the resources for me to keep thriving.  I’m a STORYTELLER. I had to finally own that, and walk confidently in that space.  It spans across my multiple platforms when it come to the children’s book series, Adventures of Alleykats, with the stories for Final 48 Project, and this platform that continues to evolve with Steele Lens.

So, will true love pay my bills.  Well, I’m STEELE standing right?



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