“I don’t have it!”

“I don’t have it!”

This term is generally used when it comes to the topic of money.  In my younger days I rarely used this term.  I believed I could do everything.  I was walking around singing, “money ain’t a thang.”  UNTIL I CHECKED MY BANK ACCOUNT!

I can remember the time my account was overdraft and I was determined to leave my hometown.  I purchased a plane ticket and knew I didn’t have enough money in there.  My account was in overdraft for so long that they closed my account.  I had that account since high school.

It inconvenienced me!  When it came to direct deposit at my new job I was no longer able to use my debit card.  It was gone.  I was forced to say, “I don’t have it!”

I had to turn that discomfort into power.  It’s okay to say, “I don’t have it.”  Right now, I don’t have the money to blow on a night out with the girls.  How about having your girls come over and hang at your house.  Hey, it’s cheaper!  Sometimes you have to use that phrase to get to where you really want to be.  I know I want to purchase a loft and I have to remember do I really need to waste my money on this new purse.  Will it help me to get that new place?  I just tell myself, “I don’t have it,” because it won’t help me on this journey to a carefree lifestyle.

When is it okay to say, “I don’t have it?” Tell me in the comments section!

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