Introducing Al, Leyla and Kat!

Introducing Al, Leyla and Kat!

It’s Monday! Well, this Monday is very different from last Monday. Thank God for that. Whew! 

On Friday, I was one of the featured guests for Black Biz Scope Friday on Periscope. Are you on Periscope? If not, run on over to your App Store, download it and follow me @SteeleLens See how I tossed that plug in there lol. 

Anyways, I talked about my story and how I arrived at being the “girl behind the lens,” the project (Final 48), and the first book in the children’s book series. If you missed it. You can watch it here. I presented the cover of the book on the live broadcast and that was my way of eliminating FEAR! All Faith, No Fear! 

So, I present to you Adventures of Alleykats – The Missing President. Available for purchase on December 1, 2015! Just in time for the holidays. 


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