Will the “REAL” R.J. Please stand up?!

Will the “REAL” R.J. Please stand up?!

There’s a running joke among my friends that I’m really Carmen Sandiego. Despite the fact that the fictional character who I absolutely loved growing up looked nothing like me. My Instagram and Twitter handle was once dedicated to that chapter of my life where I was constantly running. Running from reality…

I’ve always been a private person. I guess it was the way I was raised. Multiple aliases so no one could ever calculate my next move. Then, I thought, I loved the mystery that comes with the persona of Carmen. I began to embrace my reality, and live life without regrets. 

Carmen wore my favorite color (red), and moved strategically with a minimal trace of evidence. She was smart, mysterious, and clearly a world traveler. Even though I retired the handle she still lives within me. Carmen reminded me to chase my dreams, and not apologize for being different.  

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