Day 8 – “Hope” #SteeleThankful Challenge (30 days of thanks)

Day 8 – “Hope” #SteeleThankful Challenge (30 days of thanks)

“The Audacity of Hope” is the title of the second book by President Barack Obama.  Hmm…thoughts of reclaiming the American Dream, and I talked about dreams yesterday.  Lol. Hope is optimism, and truly believing it’s going to happen.  That your thoughts will come to fruition.

Five years ago I was in search of hope.  I disappeared from social media, and even became distant with a few people.  I honestly wanted to receive the same message that I was giving others, “hope all is well.”  That’s what I truly believed, I hoped that all is well with them as I tried to piece together what had come of my life.  In a blink of an eye I had taken on another title, “burn survivor.”  My scars I attempted to hide, and a story I began to shield.

Hope began to appear on a daily basis.  People came into my life to restore my hope in love, dreams, faith, and peace.  It was a choice.  The choice to reclaim my power in this journey.  I hoped that I would go back to the old me, but instead I received a new and improved R.J.  It was a mind blowing experience for those around and myself.  Hope had been restored.

Everyday I hope that my dreams will continue to come true, as long as I continue to put in the work.  The same audacity of hope that President Obama had when he wrote his book, is the same hope that can drive us all.

What are you #SteeleThankful for?

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