Day 12 – “Opportunity” #SteeleThankful (30 Days of Thanks)

Day 12 – “Opportunity” #SteeleThankful (30 Days of Thanks)

Have you heard the saying, “When opportunity knocks…”  There are many quotes that begin with that phrase.  What does it mean though?

You can interpret the phrase many ways, but the first thing I thought about were two scriptures in Matthew 7:7-8; ask, seek, and knock.  For the past two years I have faithfully executed what the featured image says; iAsk, iSeek, iKnock.  After you “ask, seek, and knock” what do you do?  Well, you wait.

Now, I’m not saying the opportunity always comes instantly, but it comes, and you have to be very specific about the opportunity in which you are seeking.  I have an example.  Ready. Set. Go!

Last semester of grad school, I was mingling, networking, applying for positions both in and out of state.  The weeks kept rolling by and I was getting closer to that graduation date.  I was on my way to graduating with honors, and I hadn’t secured a job.  I wasn’t even getting an interview.  What was I doing wrong?  I sat in my room one day, looked at the above scripture (Yes, Matthew 7:7-8),  and said, “Lord, I’ve spent all this money on grad school, I would like to receive a job in my field, and I don’t want to go on all these interviews, I want the opportunity to fall in my lap.”

Graduation day had come and gone, and I get a phone call, now I almost didn’t answer.  It was the Tuesday afternoon after graduation, and I hear this voice that sounded very familiar.  I dropped off my resume at an institution while in Dallas back in 2012.  I received a tour of the place, a short interview, and a “we’ll keep in touch.”  I was notified then that they only had a part-time position, and I decided at that time to take my talents elsewhere.

Well, that same place called me in 2014 offering me a full-time position.  The older gentleman from HR said to me, “I’m not sure if you’re a spiritual person, but I would say that the timing couldn’t be better.”  I hung up the phone, looked at the wall again, (yes with the same scriptures, lol), and said, “thank you God.  It’s what I asked for.” The opportunity had come and I was taking it.

Every opportunity that we decide to take is about the moment.  At the moment it seems so right, but it can honestly also turn sour, but guess what there’s a lesson in the good and the bad.  So, be thankful for the opportunity, because within it can be a life changing lesson, or lead to another amazing opportunity.

What are you #SteeleThankful for?


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