Day 21 – “Seasons” #SteeleThankful Challenge (30 Days of Thanks)

Day 21 – “Seasons” #SteeleThankful Challenge (30 Days of Thanks)

First day of snow fall in Michigan!  No matter what state I’m residing in, I can always be reminded of the pleasures of home.

Seasons change and that’s truly something to be in awe about.  People can be like seasons too.  You know about the whole, “People come into your life for a reason, season or lesson.”  Did I get that quote right?  It’s been remixed so many times. Lol.  People can honestly come into your life and impart all three.

You know what I love most about seasons is that things have an opportunity to grow, but you must be careful because they can also be dormant, and die.  The great thing is that they can sometimes grow again!  I was reminded of a Facebook memory today.  I became friends with someone three years ago, and we instantly became like sisters.  I had no idea at the time why I was residing in Houston, and just coasting along until I could get things resolved with my graduate program in North Carolina.  Kendra had come into my life at the perfect time.  Her purpose was to help me cope with the loss of a father.  The best advice she has ever given me was, “it’s okay to be selfish.”

Watch how this cycle happened in one year though.  I was dissolving a relationship that was dormant (Summer), I met Kendra and a friendship/sisterhood was planted (Autumn), The passing of my father (Winter), and then I resolved my school issue (Spring).  My mind is blown just thinking about it. She was the missing piece, and because of her I formed “Next Generation Besties!”

These ladies (Karen, Shanita, and Kendra) came into my life as an adult and we share unbelievable, heartbreaking, and hilarious moments together. They entered my life four years apart! The three ladies have never met in person but we giggle, cry, throw shade, and celebrate our WINS like we’ve all been friends for years. It goes down in our group chat!

Are you paying attention to the signs?  The signs that seasons are changing.  It’s okay to really let some things go, or let some things just naturally bloom.  I have met some amazing people in my journey but nothing compares to my friendships that have bloomed in the right season.  There’s a lesson in the seasons of growth, the moments to be dormant, harvest, and departure (permanent or temporary).  There truly is a reason, season, and lesson for everything.  I have learned to embrace them all.

What are you #SteeleThankful for?

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