Building Momentum…Vision Work

Building Momentum…Vision Work

Yesterday I attended the 9:00 AM service at a new church. Organization…Organization…Organization. The pastor was talking to me! 🙋🏽

I’ll be honest I have my own system of organizing. It wasn’t until I started going through my dad’s old papers that I realized I have to get my stuff together. The vision will not work unless I build momentum, organize, and get to work!

The only reason the #SteeleThankful challenge worked last month was because I got organized after week 1. Then it began to flow. I had to write down my topics ahead of time in order to brainstorm what I wanted to write.


Blueprint for November’s challenge
I began the morning with detox tea and my new vision journal. If I want to have a powerful 2016 it must begin before the clock strikes midnight.

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