Be Aware of the Signs…Write it Down or Take a Pic!

Be Aware of the Signs…Write it Down or Take a Pic!

I currently have over 1,200 photos/videos stored on my external memory drive.  I’m able to relive moments from 2007 to the present.  The photos that I choose not to share on my social media sites are more than likely there.  Well, I should probably say that I have not shared them, yet.

I spent three wonderful summers in Richmond, Virginia as an Intern/Intern Supervisor at the Museum of the Confederacy (American Civil War Museum).  My last summer in Virginia was very eye-opening.  I was going back to North Carolina to complete my final year of grad school, and I was still attempting to process the passing of my father four months prior.

One of my favorite board games of all time is “The Game of Life.”  So, when the interns decided to have a game night, I insisted that we played that game.  It’s changed quite a bit over the years, but necessary improvements, and many enhanced spaces.  One thing remains the same, no one’s path is ever the same!

It was my turn to spin the wheel, and I landed on a space to pull a card.  I pulled a card from the stack, and this is the card I pulled.The Game of Life

I couldn’t believe it!  Ninety days before pulling this card, I wrote the idea for my children’s book in my journal.  My plan before arriving to Virginia were to spend my Sunday afternoons working on my outline.  Realistically, I began the internship spending my days off either sightseeing or sleeping.  I wasn’t motivated to focus on the book, and then God sent a friendly reminder.  I knew it was the confirmation that I needed, but I was scared.

You know God will send you reminders, or some people say, “signs.”  However you decide to refer to them is between you and God.   It is important that you are in the right place/space to receive the message that God is delivering to you.  I was clearly missing the messages because I was not in the space to receive them, so He made it very plain through one of my favorite board games.  Fast forward to this moment with my Alleykats!

The Missing President - Book Cover
The Missing President – Book Cover 

 When God speaks to us, it’s best to listen.  It will change the entire course of your life.  I’ve told you before that I wrote two scriptures (Matthew 7:7-8) at the top of a sheet of paper, taped it to my wall, and read it every day.  When God is speaking to you, are you listening?  

So many reasons to keep going!  I’m #SteeleThankful…




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