The Fat Kid Nobody Wants to Play With…

The Fat Kid Nobody Wants to Play With…

First Monday in 2016. Do you have your gym membership, yet? Brushed off your workout gear? Started eating right? Stopped drinking after the 1st? Yeah, me neither.

I started before the new year. To be honest, I started a 5:30 am workout routine two weeks before 2015 concluded. Why?! I was tired of my clothes not fitting.  I’m not buying a new wardrobe (especially when I own classic pieces), and I had to realize I was depressed.

I had to finally sit down and figure out where the problem began.  I was heartbroken after losing my father, and for three months sat in the lower level of my sister’s house putting together a plan for my life, and eating.  I gained a few pounds, but I was still active with friends.  The positive thing that came from those ninety days was deciding to return to Virginia for an internship, and finish my last year of graduate school.

I maintained my weight through graduate school, and even connected with classmates that were quite active.  Even though I was active, it still wasn’t enough.  Two months after graduating I moved to Dallas for a job.  I was excited about the new start, and how everything came together for the opportunity.  Three months into the new position, I began to think, “what in the world did I sign up for?”

I was working crazy hours, filming for my own project (I began a doc studies program a month after graduating), and working with an illustrator for my children’s book.  I would eat, drink a glass of wine, and go to sleep.  That was my routine.  Even though I was pursuing my purpose, and passion I was extremely depressed at my current job.  I was surrounded by unhappy people, and it began to weigh heavily on me.  I saw a change in myself, and I didn’t like it.  It was hard to get out of bed in the morning, I wasn’t sleeping at night, and my clothes became tighter, and tighter.

I had to make a decision, will I stay or will I go?  I put together a plan to vacate my office by August 31.  God had a better plan.  I was a week away from “celebrating” being employed for a year in July, and I was called into the office.  I was given my walking papers, and how to apply for unemployment.  I was elated! I could focus on my purpose.  God did that!

Now, I’m sitting here thinking, “God did that for me, what can I do for myself?” I was still unhappy because my clothes were still tight.  Winter coats don’t fit, and my jeans are producing a muffin top! My mindset needed to shift.  My sister has been working with a trainer since April or May.  She’s down thirty pounds, and she looks GREAT! I want the same results.  I’m beginning week 3 with my trainer, and I’m ready to KILL IT!  I want everything that God has in store for me this year, and a healthier lifestyle will keep me energized to get there.  Happy New Year all, let’s crush it this year!

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