The Blueprint: How to Reach for the Moon…

The Blueprint: How to Reach for the Moon…

Dreams can sometimes seem impossible. Or does it only seem impossible because everyone says that it is? As I stated before I’ve heard others attempt to downplay my hopes and dreams but also had to realize you’re not able to share your deepest thoughts with everyone.

This morning I thought about Miss. Barbara Johns, a 16 year old girl from FarmVille, Virginia was the driving force behind the desegregation of the Moton School.  The Moton School was apart of the Brown vs. Board of Education case. I was able to visit the original Moton School in 2012,  but revisited the statue in Richmond to remind myself when things seem impossible, continue to reach for the moon!

Turning 32 on Monday, and clearly defining your dreams to yourself can be scary.  Sometimes you may doubt if what you’re doing is the right thing.  I often wondered if our ancestors felt the same way.  I’m sure there were times when they wanted to throw in the towel.  They didn’t receive the support they may have wanted from their peers.  Or, maybe they were putting themselves in danger to make a way for others, and contemplated if it was worth it.

I thank God for the examples of Barbara Johns, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, Marcus Garvey, Harriet Tubman, and Sojourner Truth to name a few.  Along this journey of entrepreneurship I wanted to give up, and just say I’m going back to what I know.  Then I’m convicted because I know God put me in this position for a cause that is bigger than me.  I’m going to hang in there, because God is not finished with me yet!

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