Who’s holding YOU back? Hint: Grab a mirror!

Who’s holding YOU back? Hint: Grab a mirror!

I’m not going to beat around the bush with this one.  I’ve been reading a devotional every morning, and I will admit that conviction is REAL!  The 21-day devotional has been an absolute blessing for me.

I completed the last day of the devotional on yesterday after having a difficult week. Those feelings of, “what am I doing, what’s the true size of my mustard seed, where is my faith,” resurfaced again. Before I knew it I was on my way to having a pity party. As my dad would say, “Wrong Answer!”

I have to admit. This path has been scary. It would be even more frightening though if I didn’t have people praying for me, and neglected to have a relationship with God. I received a reminder last week that didn’t feel so good.  

Who’s holding me back?  ME! That’s right, M-E!  I was afraid to take that leap. I said you know this won’t work unless I do some things that I’ve never done before. So, I did it. I signed up for a pass the scope surrounded with beautiful brown women that looked like me. We hopped on Periscope Thursday evening and supported each other’s goals and dreams. It was amazing. 

I kept saying that my next heart goal on Periscope was 50k and I finally made it.  

 You have to set realistic goals for yourself right? Celebrate your “wins” no matter the size along the journey.

My fear of the unknown was keeping me from achieving that goal. I was clearly put on this earth for a purpose.  How dare I be selfish and not share it with the world! My goal for the next 3 weeks is more scoping, more networking, and more grinding. My abundance is definitely around the corner. 

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