Recognition and Acknowledgement; There’s a difference?

Recognition and Acknowledgement; There’s a difference?

The first day of Spring was yesterday, and I received a nugget to start my life over.  In a good way of course.  Spring symbolizes everything that you worked so hard for during the harvest season will come to fruition.  If you are in the Midwest don’t pull out the sandals yet, but I do recommend sunglasses.  Always have them! 😉

Yesterday was Palm Sunday, we are in Passion Week, leading up to Resurrection Sunday.  If you are a follower of Jesus Christ you are celebrating the reason for this season.  Can I get an Amen?

Seriously.  So the new word is “lit.”  You’ve probably seen me use it before in a title.  A quick definition would be;

lit: to be crunk, on fire, a high level of celebration.

Anyways, I would say that the message from yesterday was very LIT!

The visiting pastor broke down the difference of recognition and acknowledgement.  I mean it was amazing.  My sister and I had a discussion about how we grew up in the church.  The elders always said, “God is good,” but what does that truly mean?

I recognize that God is good in my mental, but do I acknowledge God’s goodness?  Think about that.  Do I acknowledge that his grace and mercy has brought me through some things, and will continue to do it.  Let me check my faith chart.  Oh yeah, it’s a little low.  My faith is telling me to recognize that God is good but I’m not acknowledging his goodness.  How did that happen?

I recognize that God has given me gifts to work with others that suffered the loss of a loved one,  and to educate the masses about history especially in my home country.  I have not acknowledged that God is going to keep me and take to the next level to do so.  If I keep my mouth shut how will anyone know what I’m doing.  I’m not saying give away my ideas.  I’m saying if I don’t let people know every time I interact with someone about the gifts that God has blessed me with I have only recognized that they are present within me.  Ironically, I have chosen to dismiss the part to acknowledge the power that they hold.  Come on now, R.J. Sad but true.

Hold on.  Did I lose you?  I have an example.

I recognize (mental) that someone left their bag behind at the grocery store.  The cashier noticed the bag, hesitated, and said nothing.  I called out to the lady (acknowledged-action).  As she was walking away and said excuse me, you left a bag behind.  She was grateful, and proceeded to the exit.

We have to speak up and take action.  I recognized that my creativity has been suffering in other areas of my life, and I’m acknowledging that I need help.  So, I want you all to hold me accountable, and on my social media sites I’m looking for feedback. I’ll have more details for you later.  When you get free time I would love to hear your feedback on the new site for the grief platform, Final 48 Project.  I’ve revamped some things, and a new story launches every Tuesday for #GriefTalkTuesday.  I’m looking forward to working with a new mentor in May, and bringing you more amazing  content.





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