Position and Timing: Determines the outcome!

Position and Timing: Determines the outcome!

I am on cloud nine this morning.  The weekend was a time for reflection, connecting with family/friends, and of course Resurrection Sunday.

On Thursday I received a phone call from the local radio station in my hometown that wanted to do a short segment with me.  Now, let me tell you how we arrived at this moment.

A childhood friend of mines reached out to me shortly after the book was published.  He wanted to connect me with the radio station to talk about the first book in the series.  Well, that day has come.  This morning I was featured on 98.3 The Coast with Denise & Jonny!  I had a blast, and looking forward to the next convo with them.  If you missed it you can catch the replay by clicking here.

I’ve been learning a lot about position and timing over the last year.  I told you about being laid off, and it being God’s timing.  It was clearly His timing because if I would’ve done it on my own the outcome would have been a lot different.  I’m sure you have heard being in the right place at the right time, similar to wrong place, wrong time but with a positive spin on it.

This is the first time in my life that I can say I have chosen to let God lead the way.  I changed my position and location in order to walk in the will of God, and it has not been easy.  I’ve resisted.  I wanted to throw my hands up plenty of times, and say I’m sure this isn’t the route God has for me.  Maybe, I should try this again in a couple of years.

Again, I had to focus on God’s timing, and not my own.  By changing my position/location and mindset to focus on God’s timing has provided a sense of peace, and prepared me for this moment today.  I’m sure there will be more lessons ahead that will have me feeling indifferent at times, but I find comfort that I’m not alone on this journey.

So, when you are feeling discouraged I challenge you to re-evaluate your prayers, position, and timing.  A little shift in how you do things can make a huge difference for the outcome.



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