Disconnect: Communication Breakdown, What now?!

Disconnect: Communication Breakdown, What now?!

Communication is important right?

The bridge you are currently looking at is the bridge that connects my hometown (Benton Harbor) to the neighboring town of St. Joseph both cities in Michigan.

Benton Harbor, MI
Benton Harbor, MI

I can remember being a little girl and being excited when the light would turn red, which symbolized all traffic must stop in order for the bridge to rise. Why was the bridge rising?

The view from the car all you could see is one side of the bridge. It wasn’t until the bridge was back to its original position that you were able to view the sailboat that needed to pass from one side of the bridge to the other. Sometimes the boat was big but often times the boat was small with a huge sail pole. Either way it goes, the bridge has to go up to let it pass.

Now, that I’m in my 30s I can admit that this occurrence still fascinates me. I also thought what if there was a communication breakdown and the bridge did not raise by the time the sailboat made it to the bridge. What happens then?

Will the boat turn around and try another way?

I found myself in the scenario of the sailboat that was not communicating with the operator of the bridge. Last week it felt as though I was arriving to the bridge but no entry. “Are my lights on, is the horn working, what’s going on?” Well, not literally but that’s how I was feeling. Everything I was trying was not bringing forth results, or it was leading me down a dead end.

Maybe this isn’t the path I’m supposed to take? Should I give up? I thought I was living my life on purpose.

When it comes to living this life on purpose there will be moments when you feel like the little sailboat that is denied entry. What should you do?

Keep trying until you do.

I received an email from an amazing Queen named Chakayla Taylor and I felt as though she knew exactly what I was going through. Anything is possible with God. I mean anything. When I feel no one is watching, oh best believe someone is. You must stay consistent, and pressing forward.

Don’t worry about the likes, shares, or follows. Continue to provide your audience with beneficial content to make their world a little bit better. I’m believing for great things to come for Steele Lens, Adventures of Alleykats, and Final 48 Project. I can’t give up now. This little sailboat that’s carrying “the girl behind the lens,” has a date to make it to the other side of the bridge.

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