When the seasons change…

When the seasons change…

I’ve been walking almost 5 miles at least twice a week, and chile I can see a difference.  The perfect weather to clear your mind, and reflect on what’s going on in the present.  I’ve decided no matter what city I’m in I must dedicate at least one day to getting my miles in and taking in all that God wants to show me.

I was taking a stroll along Lake Michigan at Tiscornia Park when I looked across the water to see a row of sailboats.  I stood there on the pier as I observed the choppy water on one side and calm on the other.  I watched the ducks sway with the flow of the water as the sun began to set.  I guess, they too were taking it all in.

I thought about one of my favorite songs by Jaheim.  Because you do know that I can find a song to match every situation, right?

“Two ships just passing in the night now,
Offshore, looking for a light house.”

I’m just trying to find my way back…

View from the Pier with the ducks in the background.
View from the Pier with the ducks in the background.

It will probably be the last time I will witness a night like this on the pier, because the season is changing.

Even though the seasons change four times a calendar year, does that mean that the seasons in our lives are on the same schedule?

Answer: Heck No!

I could be experiencing a “sunshiny” (new word!) day, and the next is full of storm clouds to remind me that every day won’t be sunny.  Similar to Summer not lasting all year long (especially in Michigan) the season eventually has to change.

I’ve had relationships that have lasted one month, and some that lasted ten years.  It never fails when that season needs to change trust me it will change.

I know that I’ve been in some people’s lives for a reason or a season.  I had no idea what the reason was until the season changed.  We could have been living in the same city at the same time.  Going through the same storm, but when the storm passed we went our separate ways, and I didn’t understand why.  Never any love lost, it was just time for both of us to move on.

Here’s the cool part, now we celebrate how God had brought us through, and to encourage someone else along the way.

There’s also those times when you think a season is over with a person, and they seem to drift back into your life in a different way.  Maybe you’re able to bond over a new friendship or relationship that blossomed from similar interest, or even the loss of a loved one.

I swear you just never know how life will go.  You have to continue to embrace the flow.  I’m attempting to embrace this new change of developing roots.  Embarking on a journey of discovering new places, and new seasons for relationships.  I shall not get weary.  Trusting the process, and witnessing this season change.







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