What happens when women support women?

What happens when women support women?

Fall has arrived and that means that I can rock all of the wool hats that I scored during the spring and summer for the LOW…LOW!

Do you feel me? Cute boots, dark hue manis, and fly hats season has arrived.  I don’t want to focus on that today though.

I knew that I would be attending a private event in the “windy city” on Saturday so I decided to look for other events to occupy the entire day.  My illustrator, the fab Daveia Odoi of Dynasmiles posted about a black owned business directory in her Facebook group.  I decided to check out the website, and BOOM!  I saw an event just outside of Chicago.  It was an opportunity to network with other entrepreneurs, and slay the scene.

My sister and I  arrived at the venue; super cute clothing boutique located in Evanston, IL, “Eye Boutique Kloset.”  The boutique was full of fellow entrepreneurs, prizes, a fashion show, and networking.  The perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon, especially since I walked away with two great prizes.  Artwork from KLT Art by Kendro (owner of the website where I saw the event)

Ladies 1st KLT Art by Kendro
Ladies 1st
KLT Art by Kendro

and the GRAND PRIZE for the selfie below!

My Grand Prize Winning Selfie Eye Boutique Kloset Evanston, IL
My Grand Prize Winning Selfie
Eye Boutique Kloset
Evanston, IL

Yes, I walked away with the grand prize sponsored by In AAW Hair Emporium, LLC Can’t wait to use the hair for a protective style this season!

In AAW Hair Emporium LLC
In AAW Hair Emporium LLC

The next venue was a private event for a soft opening for Glasshouse Interior – Home Decor Line.  Champagne, cupcakes, good vibes, and of course great pieces for your home.  I’m so happy I was able to experience all of this buttery goodness on a beautiful autumn day.

Home Decor Launch Chicago, IL
Home Decor Launch
Chicago, IL

So what happens when #womensupportwomen


I was amongst all of these amazing women and witnessed greatness happening before my very own eyes.  I met a young lady that walked away from her full time job to launch her own cupcake/bakery business, and this sista was 21 years old.  She decided to take that leap of faith, and go for it.

The interior design company reminded me of the importance of a solid foundation. When you have love, support, a dream, and above all FAITH as your formula you are absolutely UNSTOPPABLE.  I can’t explain to you how much these events motivated me.

I’ve wrestled with the thought of launching an event to kickoff the challenge that I started last year.  #SteeleThankful Challenge (if you are not aware of the challenge go back to my posts in November 2015 and check those out).  I know that it won’t be easy, but my God I know it will be worth it.  It’s needed with everything that is going on.

Partnerships are important so I’m looking to partner with some  brands to bring events to my area.

What do you think?  Let’s get together, support each other, love on one another, and tell the world what we’re #SteeleThankful for?

Let’s show the world that we can support one another!



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