The Year of Completion: Who’s on your team in 2017?

The Year of Completion: Who’s on your team in 2017?

Happy New Year!

You made it.  Let’s celebrate that first. You are able to enjoy this beautiful Monday morning with me, and that’s something to rejoice about.

Now. It’s 2017.  I know, I know, you are tired of hearing new goals, new year.  I am too.  Especially if these are goals that you have no intentions of executing.  Don’t play yourself this year.  It’s all about action.  I glanced at my dry erase board, and my vision board from last year and thought what didn’t I do last year that I can change for this year?




I can go on, and on.  Last year was my year to plan, network, build relationships, etc in order to prepare for everything that is coming my way this year.

It was important for me to evaluate the position I want to play this year, and who’s on my team.

It’s impossible to move forward without a team.  I can’t do all of this by myself.  So, as the brand grows, you must expand.  It’s scary, but oh so exciting.

The second book in the Adventures of Alleykats series will premiere this year, so I will definitely keep you updated on that.  Plus, more behind the scenes, stories, and sneak peeks for the Final 48 Project documentary/photography campaign.





Let’s just say, 2017 is about to be EVERYTHING!

The number 7 represents completion, so let’s get some ISH done this year.  You ready?

The Year of Completion
The Year of Completion




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