Where did January go? Were you productive or nah?!

Where did January go? Were you productive or nah?!


January 30th already eh?!

So, you mean to tell me that February begins on Wednesday.

Whether you like it or not this month is officially over. Next up is the shortest month of the year so expect that month to fly by as well. 

January is always a great month for me. Umm hello. It’s my birthday month! Did you miss it? It’s not too late to wish me a Happy Birthday 

Anyways, I spent this month doing a fast with my church, and celebrating my birthday with no cake or ice cream. Not even one scoop. 

I’ve been sleeping better at night, and created a routine with posting on social media. Partnerships were formed, and my book is now in two more bookstores. I had to realize putting myself first in some cases is what was necessary for my growth. 

Can I let you in on a secret? 

I honestly wanted the month to fly by. Yep. You read that correctly. Birthday and all. I’ve been waiting on February 1st like a kid waits for Christmas morning. 


I’m glad you asked. 

I completed an interview with Bonnie Ferrante, (check out her website here) about the first book in the Adventures of Alleykats Series. 

The interview was completed in August, but the book review and interview will be available for the public to read on Wednesday and Friday of this week. This was 6 months in the making. So, excuse me if I am a bit anxious. This opens doors to a whole new market and fan base, and all of this happened because I was proactive, and using my time wisely last summer. 

The inventory for the bookstores has been shipped, and I have to keep the ball rolling.

I’m currently planning for the end of summer and fall already. 


You have to stay on top of things, and get it done. I’m constantly reminding my students of due dates and deadlines. They are put in place for a reason. 

If you feel you weren’t as productive as you could’ve been in January, that’s okay, but remember if you aren’t doing something to better yourself every day you will be left behind. 

Let’s usher in February with a bang!



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