Seriously…Who’s Watching You?

Seriously…Who’s Watching You?

“Be Aware, Stay Alert, Someone is always watching you.”


The above statement can be applied to so many areas in our lives.  I tell my students often that you have to be aware of your surroundings, and when you’re trying to get away with something there are eyes watching you.  


You know we often watch commercials to see what’s the latest and greatest for a particular brand. I know I stalk the OPI and Essie Nail Polish instagram pages because I NEED to know about the upcoming collections for the season.  Did you ever stop to think that we are our own brand?




You are a brand.  


Never thought about it.  My parents would always say that I am representing them whenever I departed from the safety of their four walls.  Whatever I did was a reflection of their teachings, their guidance, so I better act right.


You mean to tell me someone is ALWAYS watching me?


There may not be millions of people watching you at one time (right now anyway), but trust there is at least one.  If you are a parent; your child.  If you are a teacher; a student(s).  If you are a coach; your team.  If you are at an event, and decide to post a playful video on your snapchat. SOMEONE IS WATCHING YOU!


Let me tell you what had happened. I was attending the Chicago Auto Show on Saturday with about twenty of our students.  Whenever I’m in the “windy city,” and I’m using the social media app “Snapchat” I choose to add my adventures to the local story.  Well, on this particular day it was the world renowned annual auto show.  

I NEVER get any views on my local stories, and I’ll be honest I can provide you with non-stop laughter during a random excursion in the city.

But umm…

Within 24 hours my video had been viewed over 60,000 times.



Snapchat: @Steelelens



The worst possible video I could have added to the Chicago Auto Show story had that much viewership.  Now, what if I would have uploaded the best videos from the show.  I decided to add the best videos to my personal story. I didn’t display my best work to the masses. What in the heck was I thinking? I could have just added all of the videos to both!

I don’t know if you caught that lesson, but I sure did.  Someone is ALWAYS watching whether you are at your best or not.

Don’t be so pressed to just put content out there.  It can be a book, film, or even a snapchat video.  You have to always remember that someone is watching you, even if it’s one person.  You are making an impact in some way.  I’ll do better next time, I promise.  I’m still learning!

Be Aware…Stay Alert!


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