What I learned from LAUGHING through my PAIN…

What I learned from LAUGHING through my PAIN…

Life happens.  We can all agree with that.

Honestly my dad used to always warn about those unfavorable moments as an adult.  Those moments when you watch your credit score plummet from 700+ to about 500.  Or, when you have to gather yourself after a serious accident sets you back.  What about the time that you had to sit out of graduate school for a year because of a mistake that you didn’t correct in enough time.  Wait, I almost forgot one,  the event of losing a parent before they were able to witness the wins in your 30s.

Over the past month I’ve been reminded of the moments that I spent with my father after my serious burns accident.  The posts that I shared on social media were rooted in laughter.  My dad was one of the funniest guys that I’ve ever known.  I’m not just saying that because he was dad.  He was absolutely hilarious.  The days that I spent with him during that journey of my life were unforgettable.  He encouraged me in his own little way to laugh through my pain.  He reminded me that things would get better.

They did.

Everything is a process.  No one can tell you how to cope with certain things that happen in your life.  For example, no one can tell you how to grieve.  I’ve had plenty of people ask me how did you keep pushing after the everything you’ve been through.


I find laughter in every situation.  I can remember at my dad’s funeral.  I was sitting at the end of the pew with my head down, and all of a sudden I heard the choir singing.  You would think that I would be moved to tears, because they were singing a song of encouragement.  I don’t remember the lyrics because the A and B selection was so terrible that it took everything in me not to burst into tears from laughing.

One thing that I’ve learned within the last seven years is the way that I respond to certain situations in my life can inspire others.


Yes, my response to those dark moments in my life was encouraging someone else.

You mean someone was watching me?


I thought I told you that before?!

Well, this weekend I was reminded of how I impact the lives of those around me that witnessed my highs and my lowest of lows.

On Sunday, I was asked about my hope during a photoshoot. What do I hope to accomplish with the documentary projects, children’s book series, and this platform of being the girl behind the lens.


Photography by JGrant 


I said to inspire and encourage laughter on a daily basis.

Hopefully, whatever I’ve been through can inspire someone else to be better.  That’s my mindset everyday when I’m assisting the young people in my community.  What are some of the mistakes that I can prevent them from making.  They are my motivation, and it doesn’t hurt that they put a smile on my face every day.

When I look back over those moments that should have destroyed me, I find one common denominator: laughter.

No matter the situation; find the sunshine.

On this first day of Spring, embrace it with all the laughter you have.

Don’t allow any dark moment to cloud your future.

Time to bloom…





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