Dear Breakthrough, Where are you?

Dear Breakthrough, Where are you?

If I could describe today with one emoji it would have to be the upside down grinning face.

I struggled with writing this post today.  Quite frankly I was in no mood to motivate myself or others.

My sleep pattern has not been the best lately, and I’ve been functioning on fumes for the last three days.

Have you ever felt as though you’re not being appreciated.  Your work is in vain?  No one is noticing your progress.


I’m not receiving the feedback that I need.  I want to live comfortably.  I need this partnership/sponsorship.  Will my true love come, and scoop me up?  Debt…well I won’t touch that one.


Within the last week I’ve had two conversations, and they both resulted in my purpose driven lifestyle.  What am I doing for my brand?  What is my brand?  Can you easily answer those questions?

Some days I can; somedays I can’t.

Twenty of the last seventy-two hours were spent on Highway 31 and 65.

What am I doing?

I feel as though I am in the waiting room; has my number been called?

I’m still waiting.

While I’m waiting, I’m still working.  Those moments that I ask myself what am I doing this for?  No one is reading these motivational Monday post?  Are they encouraging myself, my followers, the masses?

And then I was asked to read my book to a classroom full of 6,7, and 8 year olds.

They were delightful, and eager to learn more about The Missing President

Granted this wasn’t a breakthrough that I imagined, but it was a breakthrough with my FIRST book reading for an elementary group.

Our breakthrough may not always come in the form that we imagined.  ANDDDDDDD they don’t always have to be the huge/gigantic breakthroughs that we once assumed would happen in such a grand way.

I must realize that a lot of things will not happen overnight.  I must stay on the path to my breakthrough, because Lord I know that it’s right around the corner.





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