Be Careful, Be Conscious, Be Consistent…

Be Careful, Be Conscious, Be Consistent…

That has got to be some of the most succinct advice I’ve heard in a long time.  Thank you Pastor Clark!

Be Careful.

Be Conscious.

Be Consistent.

I can apply this everything that I have going on with the brand’s that I manage across multiple social media sites.  People are looking for consistency, and something (someone) they can trust.  With that being said…

Be careful of what you post. We are living in a day and age where people are constantly on social media. They are connected, and when you think no one is watching they are. 

At times we see that the negative behavior gets more attention than the positive. Sad but true. When we’re upset the first thing we do is run to our social media to air out our dirty laundry. Makes no sense right. Why would you put anything on the close line that isn’t clean?

Do you get my drift?

Working with young people I am very aware of what I post on social media.  They are watching EVERYTHING that Ms. RJ does.  Children will often times adapt to consistency, and if I constantly produce positive behavior/content they will eventually attach themselves to that characteristic.

Don’t get me wrong we have those moments of transparency when we are able to share our shortcomings with others in order to assist them with not repeating that mistake. But, let’s be real, people are laughing because it’s entertaining. You’re depressed and angry, but they are amused at your situation for all of 48 hours and then it’s on to the next. 

Don’t constantly show your hand. Protect your personal life like it’s your hand in UNO or Spades. You are a brand. Whether you’re in business or not, you are a representative of everything you stand for.  When the urge hits you to act out on social media, pick up your journal and declare that you are over the petty stuff. 

Another reason why I enjoy going through my TimeHop memories are the reminders of how far I’ve come.  Dedicated to consistent growth, and you will begin to see the results.




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