Back to Me: iResearch, iCreate, iPublish

Back to Me: iResearch, iCreate, iPublish

Do you struggle with expressing your strengths?  **slowly raises hand**

I know that I can do a better job with my elevator pitch.  In the past, I didn’t want to come across as being boastful, or arrogant.  Then it hit me; a reminder.

My Dean in graduate school told me that I was too modest when it comes to celebrating my strengths.  I thought that was her way of calling me humble, but no she was saying that I don’t use my gifts enough.  There are some things that you would have no idea that I could do unless I told you, or had the courage to show you.

For example, I was at work and I began speaking with a community partner about the Final 48 Project.  She was blown away by the stories that were being told on the site.  We began talking about another community leader, and I kid you not 15 minutes later he walked through the door.  I couldn’t make this up.  This was the first time outside of our business hours that I knew about this leader stopping by.

The snowball effect continued.  I was on a roll that afternoon.  I spoke to the community leader about my project, and just like that I have a radio interview scheduled for next week.

I challenge everyone this week to express to someone new the importance of your gift.  I started on social media, and received some of the best feedback ever.  Here’s my caption for the featured photo:

Hi, my name is R.J. I am a trained Archivist (specializing in 18th and 19th century manuscript) and Researcher. I create dope content for @final48project and published the first book in the @alleykatsbooks series. Don’t be shy. Introduce yourself. Let your gifts be known. 😉 #browngirlbloggers

Don’t be too humble that you allow an opportunity to pass you by.  I’m getting back to me, and letting the world know the gifts that God has blessed me with.

Go forth and be great! You got this!



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