What #MOOD are you displaying on a daily?

What #MOOD are you displaying on a daily?

Nothing turns my world upside like hearing a student say to me, “Ms. RJ, why are you always happy?”

It’s seems like a no brainer right?  My first thought is what are my students observing on a regular basis for them to even ask me that?  This is not my first time receiving this question, and I’m sure this will not be the last. I will tell you this was my first time hearing that question from a young lady, and it disturbed me.

I was always taught that you never bring your personal life to the work place.  Even though it’s hard to do sometimes, you have to revert back to your original teachings.  Your problems are your problems, don’t try to burden everyone else with your issues.

I told the young lady that I begin every day with listing what I am thankful for, and if she didn’t have a journal to state the three reasons she should start  on social media, and see how the movement grows from there.  More of a reason to be #SteeleThankful 😉

In that moment, I was reminded again that people pay close attention to your aura.  We must always be mindful of the environment that we decide to reside in.

It was a rough week with all the controversy in the community, but I knew I had to keep a positive attitude.  The children in our community are watching everything that we do.  My peace this week was knowing that I had a busy weekend ahead with the Author’s Spotlight at the local library, and the Stock Da Bar fundraiser on Saturday night.

Don’t allow your personal life to affect those around you.  They didn’t ask for your drama, and aren’t allowed to pay the tax on your misguided emotions.

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