Got Wings? Don’t Be Afraid To Fly…

Got Wings? Don’t Be Afraid To Fly…

I honestly can’t believe how fast this summer is flying by.  I have many home improvement activities that I would like to complete, and last Thursday a lot was accomplished.

Trees trimmed, large items removed from the home for donation or trash, prepping for a new coat of paint on the house, and then we see something in the bush.

A baby bird sitting on the bush, and another baby bird about five feet away in the grass.  The kids that were working in the yard looked around, and noticed the nest in the tree.


One of the kids grabbed a ladder to place both birds back in the nest.  I checked on the babies about a minute later, and one of them had already hopped back on the nearest branch.  I heard a few **chirp chirps** then mama bird arrived.  I came back before leaving for work, and the bird on the branch was gone.  That baby bird kept inching to the edge of the branch, almost as leverage or a PUSH to use those wings. Now, there was only one bird left in the nest.  I knew when I returned that evening that everyone would be gone.


I was right they were.

The empty nest symbolized that every bird was equipped with what they needed in order to venture out on their own.  It’s funny because my dad would always say that it was so hard to get his girls out of the nest.  We were comfortable and we knew that daddy was always there to protect us.  One thing for sure though we were prepared for the real world, and knew the importance of trying to fly on our own even before his passing.

What do you feel is keeping you in the “nesting” stage?  I would say that I’m the bird that’s literally scooting to the end of the branch, and every week I’m reminded that my WINGS DO WORK! GONE AND FLY GIRL!

It’s amazing how God will send reminders such as the birds to show us that he has equipped us with everything we need.  Don’t be afraid to FLY.

Red Bull isn’t the only one providing wings. 😉

Use them!



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