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STAY READY: A weekend mindset shift…

STAY READY: A weekend mindset shift…

On Friday I decided that I was going to spend my Saturday organizing.  That was the message last week, right?  I was attempting to get my life in order.  My closet, finances, and my dad’s archives was on the list.  Any items that I could not use would go out with the trash on Monday, or donated to a local shelter.  That was the plan.

Saturday morning I woke up at four.  Yes, 4:00 AM!  Instead of sleeping in; I was awake.  I jumped on my social media sites, and went to work.  I began networking with some brands, and landed on a 12 days of Christmas list.  That would’ve not happened if I wasn’t awake, and ready for action.  After launching the first book in my children’s book series, I’ve been looking for ways to get my book in the hands of every child this season.  (If you haven’t purchased it yet, you can purchase the book here.)  After that happened I was off and running from there.  I had friends tagging me in post on Facebook for  other networking opportunities.   All I could think was this is what I prayed for, keep going!

Sunday morning, I was at church and the message was about staying ready.  Ohhhhhhh!  I clearly needed to hear that message.  I could not waste anymore time getting ready, I had to switch to “STAY READY!”    There was something I wasn’t doing to keep myself from going to the next level.  I was in the corner getting ready.  As my dad would say, that was the “WRONG ANSWER.”  How will I be able to change the world if I am in the corner getting ready?  If the wealth is already within me, does that mean I AM THE ONE keeping myself from greatness?  Well, the answer is Yes!  This is the time to step it up a notch, and continuously stay on task to be ready at all times.

When opportunity knocks will you be ready?

Day 9 – “Passion” #SteeleThankful Challenge (30 Days of Thanks)

Day 9 – “Passion” #SteeleThankful Challenge (30 Days of Thanks)

Live with…Follow…Love…Embrace…


It took me a minute to understand, and believe how powerful passion can be.  It’s such a strong emotion.  So, when I think of passion I automatically think of history.  I love it!  I fell in love with it as a little girl.  I was more intrigued with the fact that according to the history textbooks in school was that black history began with slavery.  I kept asking the questions, well where did we come from?  How did this happen?

If you read some of my last post I spoke about a red book that my dad purchased when I was a little girl.  That book provided biographies of notable figures in black history.  Just a little nugget, parents when you see your children are passionate about something, encourage and support them.

I fell in love with reading about history, mystery, and horror books.  There weren’t many history books for children with characters that looked like me, so I was reading Nancy Drew and Goosebumps.  When I was in grad school the first thing I thought about was writing a children’s book.  I wanted the main character to resemble me but with a twist, which means a combination of my sister and I.

My passion for history led me to this point.  I read, researched, and executed the plan.  I wanted a cool way to learn about history, and I ended up here.  I’m continuously amazed by how your passion can give you so much joy.  I’m thankful for that book that my dad gave me over 20 years ago, because that book led me to this moment, with my Alleykats!

What are you #SteeleThankful for?

Introducing Al, Leyla and Kat!

Introducing Al, Leyla and Kat!

It’s Monday! Well, this Monday is very different from last Monday. Thank God for that. Whew! 

On Friday, I was one of the featured guests for Black Biz Scope Friday on Periscope. Are you on Periscope? If not, run on over to your App Store, download it and follow me @SteeleLens See how I tossed that plug in there lol. 

Anyways, I talked about my story and how I arrived at being the “girl behind the lens,” the project (Final 48), and the first book in the children’s book series. If you missed it. You can watch it here. I presented the cover of the book on the live broadcast and that was my way of eliminating FEAR! All Faith, No Fear! 

So, I present to you Adventures of Alleykats – The Missing President. Available for purchase on December 1, 2015! Just in time for the holidays.