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“Archives 101 – No Papers Left Behind” Recap

“Archives 101 – No Papers Left Behind” Recap

Yesterday was Tuesday right? I’m an Archivist that not only writes short stories, but I document journeys with grief too. On Tuesday’s I do a segment on Periscope called, #GriefTalkTuesday

Well, I dropped a few nuggets in last night’s session:
“Archives 101 – No Papers Left Behind”
1. Everyone grieves differently
2. When getting rid of a loved one’s things, what do you keep or toss?
3. Look thoroughly before you toss!

#3 is extremely important because #1 and #2 is up to you, but I suggest everyone take the time and do #3. Do you know what type of treasures you can find from looking? My dad had bills, and miscellaneous notes thrown in a box. First time looking at this stuff in over two years. My mom said to me, “You take them with you, and shred after you’re done going through the box.” My sister instructs, “Don’t throw anything anyway, dad’s filing system is different from ours. There may be photos in there.”
The funny thing is my dad and I have a similar style of filing, from what I’ve observed! Don’t you dare JUDGE! Lol.

My sister was RIGHT! This jewel was hiding amongst old bills! It’s not an original, but it’s a great copy. In this photo I’m pointing at my dad.
Date: Circa Spring/Summer 1951

Periscope Photo - Granny & Kids
Periscope Photo – Granny & Kids

Take your time, grieve, search, and find!


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Historical Tour Series – Greensboro, NC

Historical Tour Series – Greensboro, NC

I’m R.J. and I love History.  I just wanted to get that out of the way.  So, you aren’t confused at all. Lol. There are many things that I enjoy but I honestly love history more! On Periscope, I present live broadcasts of myself (and sometimes I’m able to drag a friend along) touring the country doing tours at varies historic sites and I call them “Historical Tours w/R.J.”  I like to challenge people with the question of, “What’s in your archives?”  Your personal archives expresses so much about you and helps you focus on your legacy in a more succinct way.  Today is #TBT (Throwback Thursday) right?  Well, I decided to reach into my archives and pull out a photo from my days as an Americorp member, (amazing experience I might add).

The historical tour took place at the International Civil Rights Center and Museum in Greensboro, North Carolina.  The center and museum is housed inside of the former Woolworth & Co store.  College students from a local Historically Black College and University (HBCU) decided on February 1, 1960 to take a stand against segregation at the “whites only” lunch counter.  Their efforts at the “Greensboro sit-ins” would go on to change the course of the Civil Rights Movement in the United States.

To learn more about this amazing place, please check out their website,

I highly recommend this place as your first stop if you’re ever passing through on I-85 in North Carolina or visiting for the weekend.  Don’t forget to tell them that R.J. sent you!


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